Dear Glenn:

Thank you so much for the support you are giving me. It is
a tremendous blessing for me for having such a help and
such a group of people that will also pray for me as well.
The Lord has blessed me GREATLY for the opportunity of
meeting you. I have learned a lot from you. I wish we could
spend some more time together so I can learn as much as I
can from you.

I have been really busy lately. As a missionary my desire is
to go out and preach and the Lord has really bless me with
great opportunities to do it. Personally and on the pulpits.
Last weekend I was blessed to preach at an evangelistic
Outreach. The event was compromise with the raining since
it was raining all the weekend and people does not usually
go out when it is raining, specially so badly. It was a three
day event, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Friday
night, there was no testimonies, since there was no visitors
at all. Saturday night it was my night. I was afraid to suffer
the same. I even prepare two sermons, an evangelist one
and another for the church as a plan B.

I found I saw one visitor, plus my driver´s wife, because I
had to rent a taxi to go there because of the rain, and the
taxi driver´s stayed in the event. I findly preach your
“Three ways to go to hell” and for the Glory of God I saw
13 people coming forward for a testimony of salvation,
including the driver´s wife! I have to say, I was shock to
have such a harvest in such a night!

Just wanted to drop a couple of notes and let you know I
pray for you and I remember of you very often. My pastor
is in US now for a month and I have been preaching
Sunday morning and nights on his absence and this has
kept me pretty busy too, but blessed!

Also I have been granted a visa to go to America in Novem-
ber, God Willing. Do you live close to brother Benach? I
would love to see you and meet Fleta!


PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com
Rolando Muniz (JEM CUBA) translates for Glenn in Havana Meeting