Earlier this year, you may recall, the church was privileged
to have Dr. Glenn Mathews conduct a prophecy conference.
A couple of those sermons, Peter as representing Israel and
In those services was a group of unsaved young people
who had been attending the church for some time and had
been talking to Pastor Miguel privately about questions they
had about life.

On one night of the conference, part of this group of
teenagers left the meeting, got as far as the street corner,
and then felt the deep conviction of the Holy Spirit. They
turned around, reentered the church and accepted the Lord
as Savior. Since then, they have been faithfully attending
the church and that group has continued to reach other
friends with the gospel. It has not been an easy walk, as
many of them faced early opposition by their parents.
Thankfully, in July, the parents gave permission and a large
group of them was baptized. This group of teenagers is
part of the core of Pastor Miguel's youth program and they
are faithfully serving the Lord in the church.

It just goes to show that a faithful exposition of Scriptures
by a Spirit-filled servant of God can touch any age group.
Dr. Mathews is no spring chicken, as they say. Yet he
speaks with an authority that transcends age groups. His
message of the Red Heifer in January concluded in the
baptismal pool in July.
Dominican Republic
From Red Heifer to the Pool
"Team Dominican Republic Update"
Mission Project - 2007
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PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com