History of Revival Crusade, Inc.
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Radio-ministry pioneer, Rev. Robert Ralph
Mathews.  Beginning in 1947, Rev. Revival
Crusade, Inc. was founded by Mathews
preached live during the daily radio.  The
broadcast, known as The Country Church
of  the Air, continued until the fall of 1952,
when Rev. Mathews accepted a pastorate
in Attalla, Alabama.
On the first Sunday of October, 1961, he
began Revival Crusade, a weekly
program that aired on the first Sunday of
October, 1961, in Charleston, West
It was heard at 9:00 AM on
WCHS (580 AM)
and he maintained the
program until August 23, 1964, until he
went to Heaven
, just short of his fifty-
second birthday.  The Revival Crusade
broadcast continued under the
supervision of his brother-in-law, Walter
Guy Smith, until Rev. Smith's passing in
September, 1976.  
Glenn, reorganized Revival Crusade, Inc.,
as a 501(c)3, non-profit, religious ministry's
outreach.  Weekly broadcasts continued,
and by 1977, a daily radio format had been
developed.   Currently, individual programs
focus on verse-by-verse teaching -- no
music, announce-ments or discussion of
current events - and may comprise several
weeks' worth of broadcasts, as illustrated
by Dr. Mathews' monumental exposition of
In addition to a thriving radio ministry, Revival Crusade, Inc.,
is deeply committed to the support of foreign and domestic
missions.  Dr. Mathews s
ays of RCI's involvement, "Through
the years, Revival Crusade, Inc. has operated on the
principle of '... trust the Lord and tell the people...'.  Since this
ministry has been blessed by support from individuals and
churches, we should pass along some of that to missions.  
This practice of 'giving as has been given' is rather unusual
in ministries that are known as operating by faith."  For more
complete information regarding missions supported by RCI,
click here.  Each broadcast concludes with the now-familiar
"May this week be for you, a time of blessing...”  
We're so glad you stopped by to visit, and pray that this time
has indeed been a time of blessing for you.
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Guy and Hattie Smith. Revival Crusade - 1964-196
I and II Peter.  Similarly, his series of lessons on Romans 6
totals totaled over twenty-two hours. It is not surprising,
then, that ministry could be rebroadcast today with very little
editing, preaching of the Word of God.