Dr. Mathews and Dr. Steve Cook conducted a "Jew and
End-time Prophecy Conference"!

"From June 22 to July 2, 2006, Dr. Steve Cook (see his web
site for his report and for pictures)
www.stevecook.org and
I  ministered in churches in Cebu City, Philippines.  Dr.
Henry Benach was to have accompanied us, but illness
prevented his going. We conducted a Jew and End-Time
Prophecy Conference at the Bible Baptist Church, preaching
mornings and evenings Sunday through Wednesday.  
Please visit the church web site at

It is the best organized and administered church I have
seen outside the USA.  They have a Bible Institute with
over 200 students, a Christian Grade and Secondary School
and have 31 extension churches within Cebu, a city of 3
million people.  The Sunday attendance at the main church
averages about 3,000 and with the extensions they have
between 16,000 and 18,000 in attendance. They have over
50 missionaries from their congregation serving in several
countries in Asia, Africa Europe and South American.  It is a
phenomenal church!

The Lord richly blessed  our efforts. We saw decisions for
the Lord in each service.  The messages are all archived on
the church's web site.

We extend our deepest appreciation to those who gave to
finance the cost of the trip.  You will share in the rewards at
the judgment seat of Christ for your investment in our

Such trips are very expensive and tiring!  From NC to Los
Angeles (5 hours), sit two hours, fly to Hong Kong (14
more hours) sit 2 hours and fly about 3 hours more to
Cebu City....not easy on my 70 year old body.  But, my
spirit rejoices in the opportunity to serve and to see the
Lord bless.

Any more mission trips planned?   Fleta and I have
opportunities to return to each overseas place that we have
ministered.  We also have invitations from other places
where we have never gone. I greatly desire to return to
China AND to the Philippines.  Pray that the Lord will give
us wisdom as to which invitations to accept.  Pray that the
Lord will provide the needed finances.  THANK YOU AGAIN
Israel & End-Time
Prophecy Conference
"Philippine Missionary Trip Update"
Mission Project - 2006
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