Dear Brother.Glenn Mathews,
Thank you for sending me a note and give me your short
information with your ministry. Thank the Lord for His leading
me to do the ministry both in Bangkok and in Chiangrai and
also the new ministry added at Mandalay,Myanmar. The
ministries are moving on and on by His Grace and added more
little by little and some pastors who are not faithful and sin
against the Lord. So, our hill tribes committees and I need to
discipline because of God's Holy word and we should not
compromise His commend.
Most of our evangelists-Pastors are doing fine with their
leadership and pastor of the church.  Your missionary Pastor.
Achong Ayi and family is doing fine with his church. It is
slowly growing and hoping that one of his members who is
going to finished bible college this year will back home to
serve at the church among the youth and children. But
regarding to evangelize more villages, he is  still weak to do
it.  Pray for him.

I have new family moved to ministry with me at Chiangrai.
Name Pator & Mrs.
Somchit and Mali Jeangprai.  Pastor.Somchit is Thai, his wife
is Akha, daughter of Pastor with 3 children. They have been
pastor 9 years at one of our Thai sister Church in Nonthaburi
province, before finished their term. I gave them a called to
pray about the ministry with me in Chiangrai, after one year
both of them feel with God's leading by the month of April this
year 2013 decided to move to serve at the Akha Orphanage
with 50 kids and the same time Pastor.Somchit started to set
up and organized the church at the Orphanage not only have a
meeting on Sunday for the kids but open to the villagers.
Praise the Lord for good numbers of people and believers who
are not attend the church show off on Sunday.  
Pastor.Somchit is also will be a team with me for training
pastors and leaders from churches and follow up the ministry
with pastors.  Pray for him and his family.

The ministry at Mandalay,Myanmar:

Mission trip to Mandalay, Myanmar after about a year praying
for this trip then. November 13-17, Patcharin and I were at
Mandalay, Myanmar visited Pastor. & Mrs. Paulo U Tun Kyi,  
pastor of  Chinese Fellowship Church and also be with
Boonchu's mother one of our church member at Grace BC.
She is just look like Lydia in the book of Acts.  She has Coffee
business and the same time doing the ministry among the
Chinese at this down.  I took my first trip with Boonchu her
son in 2008 to met  pastor Paulo, after that I was really feel
with God's leading. So, by faith we started with prayers for
one another seek for His will and guidance,  I remember that
after 1 year
2009 the Lord has lead us to purchase a small piece of land
with a very old building to start with 10 Orphans, the idea was
to be a church, we can't call church but we are using the
word " Fellowship" grouping and the Burmese government
gave a permit to  Pastor.Paulo to opened the minsitry.  
Praise the Lord. His time is always perfect to lead us start the
ministry with Chinese-Burmese orphans and established His
church in the same time.  To God be the Glory. The church
Ministry is also growing with many Chinese family came to
know the Lord, by faith the pastor added other 10 orphans,
now the total are 20 of them.  These new 10 orphan need help
with daily food and sponsors. Each need $ 20.-per month. First
group of 10 kids are taking care by the church members.
Please pray for them. This fellowship
are growing with   60-70 believers attending on Sunday.  Lord.
Thank you.

Pray for me brother Glenn, for my health and the Lord will
strengthen me and leading me to do His will and His work in
Bangkok, among the tribes and Myanmar.  Thank you so much
for your great part and failthful in the Lord's work together in
Thailand.  Sorry, for I can not doing well with my report
to you, which I should do.  I believed that you understand me.   
Please give
our love and greetings to your dear wife and to you.



Kiatisak and Patcharin.

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Bangkok, 10260, Thailand
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December 2013
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PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com