In the past few years, because of special gifts from various churches
and individuals, REVIVAL CRUSADE has paid for the  construction of
seven (7) such church buildings in Northern Thailand among the tribal
people.  Their religious background is not Buddhism, but become
believers in Christ.  Their villages are usually comprised of 50 to 300
people.  Some of the tribes did not have a Bible in their dialect until the
past few years. I have personally met two dedicated Christian men who
were formerly witch doctors.  

(Myanmar) border.  We have also paid for the construction of church
buildings among the Akha and Lahu tribes.  The first buildings had no
need of plumbing or electricity, for there was none available in the
community.  Now that electricity has come to the remote, mountainous
areas, the cost of building has increased.  The people make the blocks
and do the work.  We pay for the roof, the windows, doors, plumbing and
lighting.  YOU and/or your church can build such a building, and there is
need for more of them, for ONLY $8,000.00 in US dollars!  Perhaps God
will impress you and/or your church to sponsor such a building.  God is
doing a wonderful work among these mountain tribes.  Fleta and I have
been there, preached and ministered among these people. I am grateful
that Revival Crusade, Inc. can be a part of this good, growing work.

Pastor Jarin Salo in Chiang Rai, Thailand, writes,
"Church building for
Karen tribe believers at Mae-Had, Wienghang, Chiang-mai.  The old
church building was eaten by termites.  Thank you so much for your
offering help for the need."
Thailand - 2008 Building Project
Chiang Rai, Thailand
"Thailand Missionary Update"
Mission Project - 2008
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