Thailand for whom Revival Crusade, Inc., is the sole support.  Thank
reach out to the mountain tribes.   Glenn

                       August 18, 2008
Dear Revival Crusade, Inc.

Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!  I hope this letter will
find you well.  I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your family. I’d
like to give my thanks to you for your help thought the support that I
can serve the Lord.  I serve the Lord in the village that is far away from
town. We have about 25 attended, 10 believers and 4 got baptized.   
From being away from town, there is not much to do around the village
so many people go to town to work and find job.  That makes them away
from church but I encourage them to find the church where is close to
their work and that they can worship to Lord on Sunday.  Most of the
people in church are the older people but I thank God for their
faithfulness. On Sunday, we have service and Bible lessons in the
afternoon and visit houses in the evening.
In my family, there are 6 of us together.  My wife, 2 children and
parents.  Two of my children are in school now.  My dad isn’t saved
yet.  Please pray for him.

Prayer request”
1.      Pray for the church members to grow spiritual in the Lord and to
serve Him.
2.      Pray for me as I serve the Lord.
3.      Pray for my family, especially my dad.

Last, may the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him.

Yours in His Love,

Thonchai Wisetsakuljaroen
Chiang Rai, Thailand
"Thailand Missionary Update"
Mission Project - August 2008
PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com
PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com