supporting each month for the ministry in Thailand.

Praise and thank the Lord for many spiritual blessings in the
passed months.  Because of your prayers, the Lord has been
blessed His work among the Thai in Bangkok. There is a man
name Mr. Panya who is 61 years old prayed accepted the Lord  
two weeks ago after attending the church services for 4
weeks,  the daughter Ms. Pla, 16 years old came to know the
Lord 3 years ago and her life is really change and doing good
testimony in family. Pla is always come to serving the Lord
every Saturday at the church, helping Grace our daughter  
teaching children and youth.  We are praying for her mother
that she will not be afraid to open her heart invite  the Lord to
be her Saviour  too. Her name is Mrs. Orraya. Pray for her.   
Yesterday, Sunday after worship service ended I talk with
other Women name Karnjana, she has came to church with
one of your church member 3-4 times in the past months then
stop coming to church for 3-4 months, so she came back
again.  I really have a feeling that I should talk with her again
this time.   Thank the Lord she has prayed accepted the Lord
as her Saviour.   Pray for  11 new believers as we are
following up with bible classes and some are going to  follow
the Lord into water baptism  soon.  

We need your prayers for this coming Spiritual Revival at
Grace BC. on August 12-15, am; pm & night service.   On
August 14, will be souls winning with unsaved Parents who
came with their children to study Free English, while their
children in English classes. All parent will attend this special
meeting for them,  after preaching the church members will
do the personal witness One on One. Please pray that will be
many of them come to know the Lord.

Life Camp ( English Camp ) is soul winning camp. All of our
Thai Fellowship churches ( There are 12-15 churches)  will
bring unsaved to go to camp on October 11-14. We are
expecting about 500 are going to this came and about 80-90
believers who are going to do the personal souls winning and
25 English teachers. At Grace BC. we are praying for 35-40 of
them to join with Life camp

Grace and Ped are doing fine and busy with children, youth
and activities at Grace BC.   Sally and Lumphan are doing fine
with their serving the Lord taking care of 50 Akha kids at the
hostel.  Bro.Lube, his wife and his Son. Weeraphol  are doing
well and faithful in serving the Lord at the Lahu church and
with 46 Lahu kids at the Orphanage in Chiangrai Province.   All
the Akha and Lahu pastors are doing fine with the ministry  
among their own hill tribes on the mountain up North at
Chiangrai and Chiangmai.  The ministry among the
Burma-Chinese at Mandalay city, Myanmar and Orphanage with
10 kids are growing Spiritually and the church is growing and
they are about 60-70 attending on Sunday.  Pray for
Pastor.Paulo.     Pray for me and my family as we are serving
Him and pray for our strength and wisdom to do more His
will.   Thank you again for prayers as you praying for us and
thank you for  your faithful support to the ministry.
Phillippians 1:3-5

Serving the Lord together with you in Thailand,

Pastor.Kiatisak and family
Rev.Dr. Kiatisak Siripanadorn
24/6 Punnawithi 12, Sukhumvit 101 Road, Phrakanong,
Bangkok, 10260, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2332 1661 | Mobile: +66 (0) 818 430 110
Chiang Rai, Thailand
PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com
PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com