Dear brother Glenn,

First. My wife and I need to work at farm to grow rice, corn
and others vegetables  for family  and sale some to others. We
will work 5-6 days a week.  It’s great help for us that we could
have some amount to send our two children to school.

Second. I will study God’s word at the night time and I will
have bible study and have prayer meeting at the night every
week, not many people could come for bible study and prayer
meeting. They are few because of working hard during the
day time.   On Sunday will be full time for me at the church
and I will visit near by villages on Sunday afternoon to follow
up family that open for bible study.   I thank the Lord for
faithful believers about 40-50 adults who came to church for
worship service.

Third. Thank you. Thank you to Revival for your prayers and
supporting my family and help me for gasoline to go to near by
villages each week and some amount for my children to go to
school and help us to have enough food for family.
Fourth:Prayer requests:-
1.My two children in school
2.My wife and I working at our small farm to get food for daily
3.Our health and safety traveling to villages each week on the
4.Our 5 youth who are studying at the  Romphrakul Baptist
Bible collage in Bangkok. We thank the Lord for some
believers who help them and they are 2 of them will finish this
year and I am expecting one of them will come to help at the
5.Pray for the church members, We need to work hard each
day because of our poor and no Thai ID, so because of this,
we get our pay not more than 150.-baht per day of working.
The husband will work for other and the wife will work at
farm to get food each day..  

Bro.Glann,  I thank the Lord for this good project that I got
help from other Christian friend. I presented Pig Project to
him and will be great help to all of our hill tribes pastors.
About a year now I bought  3-4 baby pigs to each pastors
family. Mors of them are doing quite successful,  In every 5
months they will sale these pigs, each pig will cost $120.- that
mean each month they will have income for about $ 75-80.-
dollar.  Pray for them.

For the support as you are looking for Achong Ayi, I am
praying that the Lord will use you to get this blessing to help
him and the ministry.  I am understand that they are many
churches in the USA, many of churches members are loosing
job and facing not many good job for them.  Thank you for
your great part in his ministry among the Akha. Thank you
brother.Glann and please give my love and greeting to your

Praying for you,
Kiatisak and Patcharin

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August 2013
PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com
PO Box 145 ~ Charleston, WV  25321 ~ (910) 948-4307 ~ glennandfleta@juno.com